Telecommunications in the UK. Not everyone is covered by home insurance

Telecommunications in the UK.  Not everyone is covered by home insurance

MyUnited Kingdom, The Govt-19 Changing attitudes towards homework is increasing the number of people who want to work from converted sheds, garages and summer homes., According to British insurance company Aviva, the BBC is making progress. Still, There are warnings that some people should not come under home insurance if something goes wrong.

Invite Celebrity ‘Convenience stores‘Increased

The Aviva survey suggests it One in ten job seekers from a converted shed, garage or summer home is expected to rise to 13%. The popularity of calls’Convenience stores‘Increased, Some people spend a considerable amount of money on a luxury room. Note that the term ‘garage’ has become a very popular search term on the Wrightmove property website.

The BBC reveals it further Of the 1,400 people surveyed in the Aviva survey, 43% expect to use the deal, and now 34% do.. In contrast, the bed-running rate is now expected to fall from 14% to 11%.

Gareth Heming of Aviva said, “Flexible work at home and homework have been around for some time, but they have only come to the fore in the last year. While homework is not every person’s choice, the basis for the future can be found to be particularly highly flexible, Because many work remotely, at least a few times. “

The survey also suggested One in five people who have seen work at home is more ‘stressed’ than work-based. This stress will increase depending on your mood, some new companies are moving out of the house, without insurance premium.

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Said industry analyst Defacto If some people do not inform the insurer about their new jobs, there is a risk that their insurance will not go through, If it created additional risks. Although some insurers allow people setting up home businesses to extend their coverage at no extra cost, Some may have to buy new policies or pay higher premiums due to the extra risk.

It should be emphasized that there is also a risk of violating insurance limits on existing policies if expensive equipment is stolen or damaged, he maintains.

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