Taimi Mariotto raises anger by remembering she had a miscarriage

Taimi Mariotto raises anger by remembering she had a miscarriage

Singer Thiem Mariotto, from the duo with Thiago, snapped next to her husband in a picture next to her husband on his Instagram, and in the comment of the post, he mentions that today’s date marks the three years from the day that Suffered a miscarriage. a Countryman Caused a frenzy when talking about the moment:

Exactly three years ago we lived one of the most delicate moments of our journey as a couple … there’s no way we won’t remember that day! The day my heart stopped with a blessed routine ultrasound! But God with His infinite goodness welcomed us and made me rewrite all the pain that came with that silence and anxious looks from the doctor and his assistant! In a few days’ time, I understood that Yasmine’s mission was much more than just coming into this world! Only we, and God knows best, girl! It was really much bigger! Thank you for taking care of us in these 3 years of learning and spiritual development! I became a mother with you and I will never forget her. Theme Mariotto

Thyme, who is the mother of Liz’s two-year-old little girl, who is pregnant with another girl named Ivy, continued to talk about her current pregnancy – in the photo it is possible to see her pregnant belly – and sends a message of support to women who have already suffered a pregnancy loss:

“A picture of our ivy in your mother’s womb, 14 weeks… Thanks for following you, baby! And if you’re here reading this comment, you’ve been through this too, and you have the strength to rise and not give up, if you have succumbed in the face of everything yet to come (there were four Pregnancy miscarriages), I will not live this moment now with my princess! And I can guarantee it is worth it! ”, He wrote.

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