Tadao made a difference by tackling transphobia with Lin da Quebrada

Tadao made a difference by tackling transphobia with Lin da Quebrada

On Sunday’s live program (23), Tado Schmidt took advantage of calling Big Brother Brazil participants for a serious conversation. Since Lin da Quebrada entered the house BBB 22, her gender identity has been mocked. So the announcer asked the singer to explain why she tattooed the word “ELA” on her face.

Tadao Schmidt’s smooth and assertive approach has drawn attention. Transphobia and gender identity are not simple topics, but they have been approached in an accessible and uncomplicated manner. Most of all, information was shared with everyone, inside and outside the home, in order to facilitate Lynn’s understanding and respect.

Experience as a journalist and presenter like Fantástico sure makes a big difference right now. He used to deal with different topics, from fun to serious, and Tadeu had the flexibility to tackle the subject matter.

The speed with which the topic was brought up is also new to the public. In other editions of the BBB, equally delicate and sensitive topics also appeared, but were only addressed after a lot of pressure from the public, especially through social networks. This time, it was different, we don’t know if it was because of the presenter’s interference or not.

Having had trouble maintaining order and the silence of the participants at the start of the program, Tadeu knew how to impose himself and closed out the first week on BBB 22 showing that he had potential and that his attendance could be essential to the course of the edition.

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