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'Synic' · TV news

fell apart I (Fernanda Vasconcelos) and Spear (Thiago Lacerda) would be a bucket of cold water for Eva (Anna Beatriz Nogueira) in Our life. After plucking her hair, the bitch will accuse her again Manuela Marjorie Estiano who armed her against her sister. “Don’t be sarcastic,” you’ll shoot the truck in the TV series at 6 AM on Globo.

a The character of Fernanda Vasconcelos He will have a crisis of conscience after an argument with the cook and will give up going to the altar with the doctor. Eva will kneel at the feet of the former athlete To convince her to resume the engagement she has often supported, but her request will be denied.

In the scenes broadcast on July 23, the opponent will invade Manuela’s house in search of answers about the conversation the girls had. He asks, “What did you say to your sister? Or rather, what did you do to ruin her happiness again?”

Everything I did was not enough. The girl was left unconscious at the bottom of a lake, her boyfriend, her life, and her daughter were stolen. Anna, stronger than anything else, has risen from the ashes and will marry a wonderful man, a man you could not even dream of in your life.

Confused, aunt Julia Jesúsila Moreau will not be aware of Anna’s breakup and will ask why her mother has dealt with it in the past. Eva will hint that Manuela is playing dumb and will tell us that the former tennis player has canceled the party.

Rodrigo (Rafael Cardoso) will interrupt the discussion between the two, and Eva will accuse the two of forming a conspiracy against Anna. “I won’t let you come here and get rid of your madness,” the departed will reply.

“I’m leaving, but you know this story isn’t over yet. You’ll still pay for everything because there’s justice in this world. If there’s no justice, I’ll do it myself,” threatens the madman.

Globo for the unpublished premiere أجل In the time of the emperor For the second half of this year. The plot of the period will be broadcast on August 9. In addition to spoilers, the the news publish daily Summary of the TV series at six o’clock That the station is being repeated due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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