Gracielle Lacerda responds to accusations of using a fake profile to criticize her fiancé Zizi de Camargo’s family

Gracielle Lacerda responds to accusations of using a fake profile to criticize her fiancé Zizi de Camargo’s family

Gracielli Lacerda,bride Zizi de Camargo, refuting accusations of creating fake profiles on social media to criticize the singer’s family, which were leveled by Amabelle Irwa, Zizi’s daughter-in-law, over the weekend. Gracielli made a statement to the program Gossiping From SBT this Tuesday 31, explaining that he will cooperate with justice.

Gracielli Lacerda.

Photo: Instagram/@gracielelacerdaofficial / Estadão

“I am very sad because they are publishing videos of evidence saying that it is me, and everything is wrong with it. It has not been proven, Zizi has already spoken to you. I can’t say anything now, I will go tomorrow ( Wednesday 1) To the police station, and I will talk to my lawyer to see what we can say, but I guarantee it will not stay like this.”

Gracielli also said that there are people trying to hurt her and stressed that it is important for people not to act out in moments of emotion. “When we act on emotion, we end up doing something stupid, doing things wrong and then there’s no way back. I’m calm, I take a deep breath, because if I act on emotion, I’ll ruin everything.” He said . .

Moreover, she said that she prefers to keep family problems away from social media. He continued: “There are a lot of serious things going on in all of this. We did not want to publish it. We are terrified of the controversy, and of talking about family matters on social media.”

Amabile’s complaint was filed on Saturday 28, when the wife of Igor, son of Zizi from Zillow, the first wife of his compatriot, showed screenshots showing the IP address of a fake profile linked to an email account belonging to Graciele. “The hour of merciless truth has struck,” she wrote in a post also shared on Instagram.

On the left, influencer and fiancée of Zizi de Camargo, Gracielle Lacerda. On the right, architect and Zizi’s daughter-in-law, Amabelle Erwa.

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@amabylle_eiroa; Reproduction/Instagram/@gracielelacerdaoficial / Estadão

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