Swimmers approach whale ‘dangerously close’ to shore

Swimmers approach whale ‘dangerously close’ to shore


Pictures shared on social media show the whale near a beach in Australia and more than a dozen people swimming next to the animal.

The whale approached Port BeachNear Perth, Australia, last weekend. The mammal, which was more than 15 meters long and weighed 30 tons, caught the attention of swimmers and many did not hesitate to swim towards the animal. This is completely undesirable behavior, as marine biologist Natalie Sinclair explained BBC.

Natalie Sinclair He told the British television station that the whale was “dangerously close” to shore, The mammals could be at risk of stranding and that this type of behavior was “unusual and dangerous”.

According to a marine biologist. Anyone swimming too close runs the risk of disorienting the whaleThe best thing to do in this case is to “leave the whale alone” and allow any rescue attempt to be carried out by experts.

“The proximity of individuals to the whale poses a risk not only to the animal, but also to the people involved.”Natalie Sinclair added.

According to local media, the whale was able to return to deep water after about an hour. But the latest news indicates that The animal ended up dying.

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