Kidnapping a victim by flirting with the ambush app reports: ‘This is shameful’

Flirt apps have been used by criminals to facilitate lightning-fast kidnappings. According to Fantastico, the groups use images of women to lure victims, arrange meetings and commit crimes. While in prison, criminals force victims to swipe card passwords, make transfers, and even loans.

According to representative Ronaldo Sayegh, criminals use fake profiles to talk to victims and find out their purchasing power level.

“This flaunting is typical of courtship,” he told Globo TV. “It is not difficult to send a picture of the car in his possession, his possessions, some jewelry, travel, and even to arouse the interest of those he is courting.” “The man sends the autobiography of the criminal.”

One of the victims, who asked not to be identified, told the station that he had made a video call to a woman he thought he was going to meet. “She would appear with a towel in her hair and not look directly at the camera,” he said. “I arrived [no local do encontro]And she did not appear. A little later, a minute, maybe less, the men arrived, putting their pistols in.”

The man also stated that he does not intend to resume using the apps. “It’s a little embarrassing,” he said. “We feel a little embarrassed about what happened.”

According to Police Chief Osvaldo Nico Gonçalves, crime is increasingly prevalent in São Paulo. “Basically every day a new case appears in the anti-kidnapping police station,” he said. The penalty for a crime considered outrageous is imprisonment for 12 to 20 years.

In a note sent to Fantastic, Tinder, the main app used by criminals, said it was “constantly monitoring” the platform “to detect and remove suspicious profiles”, as well as seeking to “develop innovations that prioritize security”.

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As a safety recommendation, the app suggests that users take their time to meet, make video calls before meeting live, make appointments in public places, and let friends know about plans.

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