Sustainability Project Barra is being sent to the UK

Sustainability Project Barra is being sent to the UK

The British community reaffirmed its commitment to PARA on issues and practices related to environmental conservation, the green growth agenda and actions to combat and adapt to climate change.

Written by Allen Saavedra (SECOM)

02/08/2022 09:00

The good practices implemented in the state of Pará to reduce deforestation and sustainable use of natural resources have been communicated to British society. Sent last Friday (04), following an offer of support from the UK Government to learn about Barra's public policies on environmental conservation and the green economy, and then link Barra's efforts to international investors. Interested in promoting sustainable low carbon businesses, “green jobs” and social inclusion.

In a letter sent in January this year to the Government of Pará, the United Kingdom, through its embassy in Brazil, expressed interest in supporting the state of Pará on its decarbonisation path until 2050, due to the commitment made by Governor Helder Barbalo upon his accession. In the global Race to Zero campaign in August 2021.

As the official sponsor of the campaign, the United Kingdom reaffirmed its commitment to the State of Pará on topics and practices related to environmental conservation, the green growth agenda and actions to combat and adapt to climate change, especially those that were clear. During the twenty-sixth session of the Conference of the Parties held in Glasgow, Scotland.

The cooperation, encouraged by Britain, aims to connect global investors linked to the British Climate Initiative, led by Prince Charles, with the Brazilian states participating in the race to zero, attracting investments and paving the way for generating sustainable businesses. Pará certified itself to participate in the efforts promoted by the king precisely because it was the first state in the Amazon region – and the second in Brazil – to officially join the race to zero.

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Thus, the Department of State for Environment and Sustainability (SEMAS) presented to the UK Embassy in Brazil the Payment for Environmental Services (PSA) project, which focuses on the evaluation of successful rural properties and communal lands in forest conservation efforts. This not only allows producers and rural communities to receive effective rewards for preserving the forest's status, but also makes strategic public policies viable for Pará, as with the State Bioeconomy Plan, which encourages non-timber production chains, such as extraction and processing. And marketing of oils, fruits, fibres, extracts, seeds and other forest products.


The project submitted to the British proposes that the combined investments be allocated to beneficiaries through the Eastern Amazon Fund (FAO), a public financial instrument that attracts private investments to directly support initiatives targeting the environment and local development in Pará.

“We are now reaping the benefits of the wise decision taken by Governor Helder Barbalo, who was scheduled to officially join Pará last year in the Race to Zero, and now we are starting to expand our partnerships to raise resources allocated to the planned actions related to the Amazonian Agora,” said the Secretary of State for the Environment and Sustainability, Mauro O de Almeida, referring to the upcoming climate conference scheduled to be held, saying: “We want, based on this and other support that is coming to us, to deliver new and concrete results at COP 27 of December this year in Egypt.” .

According to Teresa Rossi, innovation and sustainability specialist at the NGO The Nature Conservancy (TNC), a direct supporter of the Pará government on PSA issues, Parra is strengthening leadership on Brazil's climate agenda, and this supports attracting investments to the region. .

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“It is interesting that in the case of British support, we are not talking about a donation, but about potential investments, which Barra has a good chance of receiving. First, because the project is large-scale and combines engagement with producers and traditional communities with returns for private investors, which is what it seeks.” To the United Kingdom. Second, because there are always high expectations for successful large-scale actions in the Amazon region, and in this context, Pará always appears as one of the best alternatives.

Amazon state plan now

The goal of the State Plan of Amazonia Agora (PEAA) is to neutralize 86% of Pará's total carbon emissions by 2036, achieving so-called “net zero” for the land use change and forestry sector. This means excluding the state's “contribution” to the intensification of climate change on the planet, by containing illegal deforestation and encouraging new ways of developing the region socially and economically, proposing to redesign the economic model that has historically been produced in the Amazon region.

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