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Suspicious Govt |  National Magazine

At the moment, there is a debate in Brazil about the possible release of so-called Covid self-tests – that person uses a specific tool to determine if they are contaminated.

  • The government sends Anvisa a request for accreditation for the Govt self-examination

What worries epidemiologists is that this information must be passed on somehow Health officials. It is necessary to know at what stage the infection is, otherwise it is darkening. That is the way the UK government should be informed.

For more than a year, the British government has been distributing antigen tests free of charge to the public. Someone inside United Kingdom The kit can be ordered over the phone or online. It will come home, but the person can pick it up at the pharmacy if they wish. You do not even need a medical order: you have symptoms, get tested; You’re out, but you think Kovit has arrived, so do the experiment.

The government recommends that anyone who comes in contact with the victim be tested daily for a week. But it also encourages people to test themselves before heading to a crowded place.

The kit comes with seven tests and instructions. The person should rub with a cotton cloth available in each nostril for 5 seconds. Then you have to squeeze the cotton cloth into a liquid and mix. After 30 seconds, pour the solution into a small device and wait for 15 minutes.

The government is asking people to register a positive or negative result on the website or processor within 24 hours. The monitoring team analyzes the data and makes cross-references.

The rules for isolation in the UK have now changed: a person no longer needs to confirm a positive self-examination by PCR, isolate himself immediately. On Monday (17), on the fifth or sixth day, a negative result takes the person out of jail.

Now the UK has not accepted this government’s self-examination visit to international travel. That person should look for an accredited company because the government needs a certificate to authorize the decision.

The traveler has to pay in the country till the second day and do self-examination. Then, if you suspect an infection, take the kit out of your bag.

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