Surigae is the first super hurricane in 2021

Surigae is the first super hurricane in 2021

Hurricane Surigae named super this Saturday | CSIRA-CSU

Hurricane Surigae has intensified rapidly in the past few hours, becoming the first super typhoon of the year.

Surigae, which Filipino Known as Bising – it’s a powerful Category 5. Hurricane. Its Dvorak Satellite Scale Index for Tropical Cyclones is 8.0, which is incredibly high and rarely seen at this time of year in the area.

In fact, the signature on the 8.0 satellite on the Dvorak scale indicates winds in a tropical cyclone near or above 300 km / h, although Notices Wind speed is 250 km / h.

Surigae is clearly visible in a hemisphere image | NOAA

The super typhoon will pass near the Philippines. However, doubts remain in its course. Shifting westward in the current forecasting path could have potentially significant impacts on the eastern parts of southern Luzon and the Visayas.

Surigae track official alert for Philippine Meteorological Center | Bajasa

The US GFS model, for example, indicates the super-typhoon farthest from the coast of the Philippines while the European model places it very close.

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Meteorologists describe Surigay as a “beast” who are experts in tropical cyclones. Although the typhoon does not hit the Philippines directly, it will pass soon enough to bring strong winds, heavy rain, and an extremely thick sea with massive waves.

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