A 7-year-old rescues his father and sister after swimming for an hour for help

Seven-year-old rescued a father and sister from the current situation (Credit: Reproduction / WKXT)

A seven-year-old managed to save his father and sister by asking for help after an hour-long swim. The boy came to the coast to seek help, as his family was fighting the stream of St. Johns River in Jacksonville, North America.

After the episode, the boy’s father, Stephen Post, told CNN’s WKXT, who had anchored his boat in the river so that his two children, Chase, 7, and Abigail, 4, could let the kids swim last Friday. 28).

However, what was supposed to be a quiet voyage changed after Abigail, who was swimming in the stern of the boat, was forced to break free by the current. In the aftermath, Chase also released freedom in an attempt to save his sister.

Upon seeing the scene, Poust dived to save his children and asked Chase to swim until he reached the beach while trying to help his daughter in a life jacket.

“I told him I loved him because I wasn’t sure what would happen,” Post said.

I tried to keep both of them. I was exhausted. You ran away from me in the river, “he adds.

Only after an hour of swimming did Chase reach the beach and ask for help. The most impressive method was the one the boy used to stand on dry ground, so he would float on his back along the river so that he would not waste his energy.

To get an idea of ​​the distance, Chase asked for help at a house near the river 3 kilometers from where his father and brother were, according to the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department (JFRD).)

JFRD was triggered and managed to save father and daughter who were fighting against the tide.

“We had all the resources possible to come quickly and we are happy to say that the three have recovered and are well,” he said. “We couldn’t get a better result.”

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