Sunaks overtake Carlos III on UK's richest list – Observer

Sunaks overtake Carlos III on UK's richest list – Observer

The personal wealth of the British Prime Minister and his wife increased by 122 million pounds (142 million euros) last year. Rich list Compiled annually by the United Kingdom's Sunday Times.

Richie Sunak's net worth is 651 million pounds (760 million euros), the value of which is the value of his wife Akshata Murthy's stake in Infosys, the Indian IT company founded by her father.

According to the BBC, the Sunak couple Raja, D. They surpassed Carlos III, whose fortunes grew last year, but less so. His fortune rose by “only” £10m last year to £610m (€712m). However, the BBC points out that calculating the monarch's personal wealth is not easy, as the British monarchy's vast fortune includes many properties and palaces estimated to be worth several billion pounds.

The Sunak couple and King Charles III came last in a list of 350 families and personalities drawn up by the Sunday Times. The Prime Minister and his wife are at number 245. The place and the king were in 258.

Gobi Hinduja and his family top the list of British billionaires with a fortune of £37 billion (€43 billion). The businessman of Indo-British origin controls the Induja Group (a multi-segment conglomerate). Paul McCartney was one of the billionaires who saw his fortune increase by £50 million.

The list includes members of the aristocracy, businessmen, artists, sportsmen and entertainers such as Richard Branson (owner of Virgin), Simon Cowell (host of the Factor Xis programme), Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, David and Victoria Beckham, Elton John John John. , J.K. Rollin (creator of Harry Potter).

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