Sunak brings the UK general election forward to July

Sunak brings the UK general election forward to July
British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced today, Wednesday (22).| Photo: EFE/EPA/CHRIS J. RATCLIFFE

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced on Wednesday (22) that the United Kingdom's general elections will be brought forward to July 4. Forecasts pointed to a related statement only by the end of this year.

Sunak also proposed the dissolution of the British Parliament, which the King accepted. “I spoke to the King today asking him to dissolve Parliament. He has accepted this request. We will hold a general election on July 4. It is time for the United Kingdom to choose its future,” Sunak said. .

The unexpected result, announced from Downing Street, the seat of the government, came as inflation fell to 2.3% in April, at a time when all polls put the Conservatives well behind the Labor opposition. The lowest level in nearly three years.

Fresh elections could mark a break in politics led by conservatives who have been at the helm of government for the past 14 years.

The announcement surprised analysts and experts, with opinion polls showing Labor with a 20-point lead over the Conservatives, which would be enough to give them an outright majority.

Also, three weeks ago, local elections were held in which the Conservatives achieved historically low results, losing mayors in half of the localities that voted.

Sunak will take over as the country's prime minister at the end of 2022, after a short term until Liz Truss resigns from her post.

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