Street Fighter 5 receives Oro inspired by Hélio Gracie and Akira | Sports

Street Fighter 5 receives Oro inspired by Hélio Gracie and Akira |  Sports

NS Street Fighter V On Monday, I received the last of the game’s characters for the community’s delight. The Hermit Oro, a Japanese fighter living in Brazil who was inspired by Hélio Gracie, and Akira, who made his first appearance in fighting games with the Rival Schools series. Ready to spread his wisdom and experience it again, Oro is a 140-year-old Japanese fighter living in Brazil. He came to Brazilian soil aboard the first Japanese immigrant ship and already won the attention of the Brazilian public in his debut in Street Fighter 3, in 1997.

Street Fighter 5 receives Oro, inspired by Hélio Gracie – Photo: cloning

Inspired by Hélio Gracie, responsible for the creation and dissemination of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the character arrives in the game with his infamous pet turtle, which he challenges himself by keeping it balanced in his hand during battles, as well as importing part of his transition from his previous appearance, such as the first V-Skill called Onibi, where A ball of light bounces across the scene and hints at the “Yagyodama” movement, also from Street Fighter 3.

Akira Kazama, meanwhile, is part of the 1997 series Rival Schools, another fighting game from Capcom. The character is notorious for being ruthless and shows little evidence of her thoughts. With her, the new stage “Rival Riverside”, which is also based on the series of which she was a part, arrives in the game.

Like Oro, it comes with songs already familiar to the audience, such as “Kiko Kai”, a short-lived energy blast that can develop into a combination of regular attacks. Her brother Daigo, who was also a part of the 1997 series, plays an important role in the fighter’s movements. He falls from the sky with great force and keeps hitting his opponent, no matter if his sister suffers any other blow, and he has the role of being a V-Trigger in Street Fighter V.

Both characters can be obtained through the DLC Character Pass or the Premium Pass for Season 5 of Street Fighter V. It is also possible to learn more about them. Luke, a new character arriving in the game in November.

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