Steam and PSN: Services suspended on Thursday (22)

Imagem de: Steam e PSN: serviços estão fora do ar nesta quinta-feira (22)

Steam and PlayStation Store drops online Thursday (22). Reports of services outage began appearing around 12:00 (GMT), according to Down Detector.

When trying to access pages via the browser, users see the message “Service Unavailable – DNS Failed”.

Also, according to Down Detector, the failure is general and also affects access to services in other ways, such as through the console (in the case of PSN), applications and computer software.

Users have used social networks to complain about the issue, and the downfall appears to be global, as it was possible to see people from all over the world talking about the topic.

other waterfalls

The problem, which was apparently more serious, also ended up affecting game servers such as Fortnite, Call of Duty and Warframe. At the moment, the cause of the fall is still unknown.

a voxel It monitors the situation and will update the article with the following news on this topic.

[Atualização 13h35]: The PlayStation Store support site informs you that all network services are up and running. However, the page states that “there are general external issues with the Internet that can affect your experience. Once these external issues are resolved, you will have no difficulty connecting to PlayStation Network.”

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The unofficial Steam page, which tracks network availability, displays a similar message stating that problems with Akamai Edge DNS, an international network service, are making it difficult to access various sites.


[Atualização 14h]: Services began to go live around 2 p.m. Akamai Edge, the internet service company responsible for the overall drop, explained the situation on its website.

“We are aware of an emerging issue with the Edge DNS service. We are actively investigating this issue. If you have any questions or experience any impact from this issue, please contact Akamai Technical Support,”

At around 2pm, she explained that the “incident” had been “reduced.”

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