Spain and the United Kingdom resume talks on Gibraltar in Malaga

Spain and the United Kingdom resume talks on Gibraltar in Malaga

Negotiating groups Spain Y UK They met in Malaga this month to resume talks on a deal governing the relationship between Gibraltar and the British territory’s exit from the EU. there negotiation I have been there for months Dead point Due to Spain’s July elections and delays in government formation, the comics were put on display at Benón in October.

In a press release issued unilaterally by the Lanito Executive, the quote included the key minister’s role in Gibraltar. Fabian Picardo; Deputy Chief Minister, Joseph Garciaand financial general, Michael Llamas.

El Ejecutivo del Peñón exemplifies that formation Governments for succession of the same political colours In Gibraltar and Spain, after general elections were celebrated in both places, “they led to continuing conversations from where they were held”.

Last week, foreign ministers from both parties, Jose Manuel Alvarez and David Cameron, met for the first time to address the issue. Alvarez pointed to joint use of Gibraltar airport as a point of friction with the United Kingdom to reach an agreement on EU-Bennon relations, although he said he was very close to a deal ending. “Specific, at the right time”Without a time horizon, defined as short to medium term.

With this, it is hoped that this renewed communication between various parties and at various levels will continue Over the next few days and weeks.

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