COLO 26 – 02/10/2021 Bolsanaro government pressures UK to relax health rules – World

COLO 26 - 02/10/2021 Bolsanaro government pressures UK to relax health rules - World

The government of Jair Bolsanaro has complained and pressured the United Kingdom in an attempt to amend the health rules for the participation of foreign delegates in CB26. The UN Global Climate Conference is scheduled for November in Glasgow (Scotland).

The British have established a requirement of at least five days of compulsory isolation for representatives of the so-called red lists of local government. Apart from Brazil, most of this list includes Latin America and many African countries.

The isolation requirement to be fulfilled in the hotels indicated by the British authorities also applies to visitors who have been vaccinated against Govt-19. Those who are not vaccinated should be isolated for long days – ten days.

The United Kingdom does not impose the same requirement on delegates from non-red-listed locations — as in the United States, Canada and European countries — Brazilian government members argue that developing countries are disadvantaged compared to negotiators from rich countries.

Thus, Ithamaradi joins behind the scenes with other governments that have also complained about the rules established by the United Kingdom. So far, harsh public criticism has come from South Africa.

The need for isolation for official delegates has not yet affected the cost of sending the Brazilian mission to Glasgow, Brazilian negotiators said. For a speaker, if the imposition is maintained, the size of the delegates at the climate conference may be smaller than initially planned.

The British, in turn, today promised to pay for the mandatory isolation of ambassadors from the countries on the red list.

Idamaratti questioned that the total number of delegates in the country could not be estimated as the process of recognizing delegates was still open.

The ministry also said it was observing health rules for attending the meeting [com] Classification of Brazil and other developing countries known as the Red List.

We share the concerns of the COP 26 participants and the health care of the local people with the British authorities, but we understand that this event should be included. [das Nações Unidas sobre a Mudança do Clima], As well as civil society, “the Chancellor’s note said, referring to the issue of costs.

Advised by the editors Sheet He said it was a matter of concern that governments in Latin America and Africa were under-represented at the conference. This is because negotiations are going on that oppose the interests of rich countries and developing countries.

Another problem, according to government aides, is that the standards set by the UK do not encourage the participation of civil society organizations from red-listed countries.

Brazil’s presence on COP26 was the subject of a recent bilateral meeting between President Bolzano and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The two met in New York on September 20, ahead of the UN General Assembly.

On that occasion, according to reports from those present, Boris officially invited Bolzano to appear at COP26. In response, he heard complaints that Brazil was still on the board subject to very strict restrictions on entry into unity. Kingdom.

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Bolzano’s text was taken by British officials as news that he did not want to travel to Glasgow if the country was on the red list. After the meeting, members of the federation said they expected the British to change Brazil’s ranking in the next revision of the list, scheduled for early October.

The grievances of the Brazilian government have also been presented in private parole meetings with UK officials.

In conversations, diplomats record Brazilian registrations on a pro rata basis, registering more population vaccines than other countries excluded from the list of isolation requirements.

When contacted, the British Embassy in Brasilia said COP26 would be “inclusive” and would have the participation of delegates from around the world. This is possible, the company said, “thanks to the comprehensive mitigation measures of Govt-19.”

“They include a strong recommendation that everyone who comes to COP should be fully vaccinated and tested, in addition to testing and isolation, good practices for safety masks and better hygiene and ventilation,” he said.

“UK travel control is based on the risk assessment for COVID-19 in each country and the broader public health factors.”

The British government said it would “finance the necessary isolation stay for all participants registered for COP 26”. The UK has promised to cover the isolation costs of non-state actors such as participants in the global south (including Brazil) and representatives of the media and other organizations.

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According to British officials, there are already relaxations in the health rules for COP 26. Heads of state and ministers do not have to comply with isolation before. Exemptions will be given to each minister and two direct advisers.

Despite the recommendation that anyone attending the event should be vaccinated, speakers in the British government acknowledge that state leaders, like Bolsanaro, cannot be vaccinated – as in the United States.

The theme, by the way, says that the reason for some of the obstacles in Brazil’s travel to New York is that he has not been vaccinated – and the city decides that only those with a complete vaccination cycle should attend certain places. Scotland implemented its immunization passport this Friday (1st) to enter companies such as nightclubs and major events.

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