Sony warns PS5 stocks will remain low in 2022

Sony warns PS5 stocks will remain low in 2022

Sony Group Corporation. A group of analysts alerted (trans Bloomberg) That the PS5 will remain in short supply until 2022, indicating that the company is limited in its ability to increase console sales targets.

When financial results were announced at the end of April, Sony said it had sold 7.8 million controllers as of March 31It plans to sell at least 14.8 million units in the current fiscal year. This should keep it keeping pace with the popular PS4, which has sold more than 115.9 million units to date.

In summary after these results, Sony told analysts that keeping up with strong demand is a challenge. The PS5 has been difficult to find in stock since its launch in November, partly due to the Lack of components such as semiconductors, And the company has not provided an official estimate of when it expects the supply to return to normal.

“I don’t think demand is easing this year,” said Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Tutoki. “Even if we secure many devices and produce more PlayStation 5 units next year, our supply will not be able to keep up with demand.” With many people attending the meeting and requesting anonymity as it is not public information. A Sony representative declined to comment.

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