Sony Files Patent Pointing to Peripheral Compatibility in the PS3 Era on PS5

Sony Files Patent Pointing to Peripheral Compatibility in the PS3 Era on PS5

A new patent has indicated that Sony may try to make older peripherals compatible with existing PlayStation consoles.

Patent (identified by dementia gameAcross VGC) seems to show older Sony hardware like DualShock controllers and even a portable console (possibly a PSP Go) being used via emulation with the PlayStation 5.

The image, which can be seen below, shows the DualShock, a Sony Media Remote, what appears to be a PlayStation mouse, an EyeToy game, a PlayStation Move, and a memory card.

Much of this technology has long since been scrapped by Sony, the latest being the PlayStation Move, which is still used with PlayStation VR.

What makes the patent even more interesting is that the peripherals look mostly from the PS3 era, which could indicate that this is part of the You mentioned Sony’s efforts to emulate the system.

While it is conceivable that Sony will explore how to make this legacy technology work through emulation, since none of the hardware other than the PS Move is currently available for purchase, it may simply be a process to emulate the functionality of these items. In software rather than compatible with PlayStation 5.

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