Sonia Abrau gasps after Faustão’s early departure from TV Globo, and asks an official farewell: “It’s disrespectful”; Watch!

Sonia Abrao Faustao

precipitate departure Fausto Silva Act Domingu Faustau Offer something to talk about and raise a series of complaints about decision Globo TV. afternoon (17), Sonia Abram Talk about it during “afternoon to you”. The announcer was furious at the prospect of Faustão leaving without even having a chance to say goodbye to his audience.

“I think the end of the sting!”She said, as she commented on the news. Sonia cited the negative reactions of Internet users about Faust’s departure, supported the demonstrations and did not spare her criticism. “Really protest, this is disrespect guys. You don’t do this to Faustão’s professional personality, the human being that he is. He was the one who always took it seriously and for him the word of respect was very important. By professionals, broadcaster staff in general and colleagues And the audience and everyone. What is this?”asked the presenter.

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The journalist argued that, even with potential disagreements, Globo should pay tribute to him and let him present his show for the last time. “Now like this? Is it taken from the air? You can’t! They might be at odds over a number of things that led to this breakdown, but what an idol deserves, an idol deserves. This debt Globo owes to him…what he represents is not just for Globo, but for the audience, in these 32 years on the air, that’s priceless. This doesn’t admit of disrespect, it doesn’t admit of a lack of farewell, and not honor a professional of this magnitude. It’s wrong.”, she said.

Sonia Abrau found it disrespectful for Faustão to leave the show without even an official farewell from his fans. (Photo: Playback / RedeTV)

Sonya also mentioned that all this could turn against the company, given the reactions of viewers. “If the audience is revolting now, watch out, TV Globo! Because this can turn into a rejection of people who have nothing to do with this story.” James [Leifert] Coming in, he’ll have to stay in that program until next year, it seems.”She said, warning that the refusal could fall to Levert or Luciano Hack – who is set to take over once and for all for Sunday’s squad: “This could be a negative tide and it’s not fair that this happens to other professionals who are going to take on this task, which we know is heavy”.

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Finally, the owner of “A Tarde é Sua” gave “the benefit of the doubt” to Globo, hoping the network would come back and reconsider this decision not to air Fausto for the last time. “Please, let’s think twice and see what can be done with this story, because in this way, it seems like a very mediocre thing. A very trivial situation, and a professional of this size, dimension and importance for Brazilian television does not deserve under any circumstances. Do not pass here. [pela garganta] I know this could happen.”, Launched.

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Previously scheduled for December, Faustão’s departure was surprisingly predictable Globo TV. This announcement was made on Thursday (17) by the channel that claimed “Strategic and internal reasons“To terminate the contract for more than 32 years. The announcer is still deciding that James Leverett You will remain ahead of schedule, until the opening of a new Sunday, under the leadership Luciano Hack. The solution has already been formalized between the two parties.

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The announcer’s statement also states that on Sunday (20), the final round of the knockout hit from “Super Dance of the Famous” will be broadcast. The schedule will reveal who will join the group of semi-finalists, which already includes Maria Joanna, Marcelo Mello Jr., Paula Oliveira, Lucy Ramos and Dandara Mariana.

Check out the full statement from Globo:

Presenter Thiago Levert will be in charge of the afternoon on TV Globo, until the debut of the new project in development with Luciano Huck. For both strategic and internal reasons, Globo made the decision to kick Fausto Silva out of the program, and together they decided to formalize the cancellation.

This Sunday, the 20th, the final round of the play-off match for ‘Super Dança dos Famosos’ will be broadcasted. The schedule will reveal who will join the group of semi-finalists, which already includes Maria Joanna, Marcelo Mello Jr., Paula Oliveira, Lucy Ramos and Dandara Mariana.

Danced to the beats of Foro and rock, three pairs present themselves to secure their place in the semifinals: actress Christian Torloni, winner of the 2008 edition of the painting, with Professor Alvaro Reyes; Actor Odilon Wagner who took third place in 2011 with dancer Yasmine Marinho; and actor Thiago Abravanel, third place in 2013. Due to Natalia Zanin’s injury, Tiago danced with Brenda Martins, who was already a teacher at “Dança dos Vistas” in 2018 and 2020.

Next week begins the replay phase, as the other names in the competition who have not yet been seeded for the semi-finals attempt to get back into the game. They are: Mariana Santos, Claudia Ohana, Rodrigo Simez, Giuliana Didoni, Arthur Aguiar, Vivian Araujo, Carmo Dalla Vecchia, Nelson Freitas, Sofia Abraho and Robson Caetano “.

Thiago Levert will be in charge of Globo Sundays until Luciano Huck arrives (Photo: Globo/João Cotta)

TV Globo has also changed its programming on its website. At the time previously booked for “Domingão”, from 6:05 PM to 8:00 PM, only “Super Dança dos Famosos” can now be seen. The description of the program is very brief, but it really makes the new presenter clear. “Tiago Levert on Sunday afternoon”The text says.

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Luciano Hack takes over on Sunday

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while participating in “Conversation with Biel”, appears in the early hours of Wednesday (16), Luciano Hack He announced something that many had already expected: the presenter renewed his contract with Globo TV It will appear on small screens on Sundays, rather than Saturdays, in principle, from 2022. The decision comes months after Fausto announced You are out of the channel.

“I have great respect for Faustau. He has always been very generous and has never been different to me. I think his decision to switch stations after 33 years is very respectful. He created a very important story. It would be a great honor to occupy his time.”, said Hack, who called it the “most important challenge” of his career. Check out more details about the new Sunday, click here.

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Luciano Hack will take over from Fausto Silva in 2022 (Photo: Divulgação/TV Globo)

Just yesterday (16), Fausto’s wife, Luciana Cardoso, stated that the presenter will return to the stages of “Domingao” this weekend. The TV veteran spent days in the hospital for a urinary tract infection. Meanwhile, it was Thiago who replaced the veteran last Sunday (13).

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“Thanks for all the messages. Fausto is really cool and ready for the next ‘Domingão’ on your TV”, wrote Luciana, who also coordinates the Faustau ballet. However, on Thursday (17), I changed the caption, keeping only to thank for the kind messages from the audience.

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