Songs from TikTok can now be saved to Spotify library with a single tap

Songs from TikTok can now be saved to Spotify library with a single tap

TikTok has become a great music discovery tool. When scrolling through the feed, either through trends or through multiple alternate profiles, some songs may get lost. And to make sure the user can listen to that song more often, Spotify announced a shortcut within the Short Video app.

With this, the user no longer has to find the name of the song by searching for the lyrics in the browser or go to the music stream and leave TikTok to search for it. TikTok and Spotify allow account integration Save songs with a single tap.

The feature is available for free in the US and UK and on Spotify Premium.

To enable the feature (not yet launched in Brazil), you’ll need to leave the Spotify and TikTok apps on the latest update version. Next, Spotify should be set as the default streaming service on TikTok.

This can be done Tap the “Add Song” button, available in the main TikTok feed video. The first time you do this, a list of apps to set as default will appear, select Spotify. Another way to go TikTok Settings > Music.

Then, automatically save the songs to the library by tapping the button. They are available in the favorite songs playlist.

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