Some planets in Star Wars Outlaws can be traversed in 4 minutes.

Some planets in Star Wars Outlaws can be traversed in 4 minutes.

Ubisoft chose quality over quantity in the new game.

Speed ​​will be the means of transportation for players in Star Wars Outlaws.

Image: Reproduction/Ubisoft

Star Wars Outlaws Creative Director Julian Gerety explained that when the player uses the speed possessed by the protagonist Kay Vess, he will be able to cross some planets in a maximum period of 4 or 5 minutes.

He referred to the planets Akiva, Tatooine and the moon Toshara in this comment, which he made during an interview with IGNExplaining that the three are similar in size with Tatooine being “A little bigger.”

To explain the size of the planets in Star Wars Outlaws, Gerighty used Assassin's Creed Odyssey as an example, saying that Toshara is equivalent to two or three Odyssey regions combined, also noting that there was a focus on the quality of locations rather than quantity, as well as making exploration and traversal easier thanks to the use of speed.

“We didn’t want things to be big just for the sake of being big. We wanted it to be something that was always contained and always fun and always offered different activities. So getting through everything had to feel like a journey, a commitment when you get in your fast car and you want it to go from one place to another.” The creative director said.

As for the other planets in the game, Kijimi and Cantonica, they are obviously more urban and densely populated, meaning that a speeder may not be necessary to explore them.

Star Wars Outlaws arrives on August 27 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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