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At least 4,200 flights in the United States have been canceled or delayed in recent days due to heavy snowfall hitting the country’s east coast.

At least 30,000 homes remained without power Tuesday in North Carolina and South Carolina, two of the hardest-hit areas.

The cold front hitting the country came from the Midwest and advanced eastward with a mixture of snow, rain and strong winds that began over the weekend and continued into dawn Tuesday.

A South Carolina Department of Transportation truck drives along a street after a snowstorm (Photo: Sean Rayford/Getty Images North America via AFP)

The National Weather Service (NWS) said “wind strength will slowly decrease” but snow will continue to fall at night in the upper reaches of New York and New England.

However, states in the south were also affected, like Florida, for example, which recorded hurricanes – and a community of mobile homes was completely destroyed.

In Canada, 11 provinces continue to warn of extreme temperatures or snowfall, and most of Canada has been hit by this snowstorm.

Schools have been closed in Ontario, and in Toronto, the country’s largest city, it has snowed so much in the past two days that cars were completely covered and roads closed.

A third of flights in the area were also canceled, visibility on the streets was virtually non-existent, and many drivers ended up getting caught in the snow because of it.

A truck covered in snow during a snowstorm on January 16, 2022 in North Carolina. Photo: AP Photo / Kathy Kmonicek

Drivers have been warned of dangerous road conditions, as well as major problems traveling from the southern US state of Arkansas to Quebec, Canada.

“We’re seeing a lot of vehicles needing to stop and windshield defrosting,” Quebec’s transport minister said in a tweet on Monday.

“Heavy rain and gusts of wind allow ice to form despite the windshield wipers, which is all the more reason to stay indoors,” he added.

The authorities in the United States have also discouraged road trips in several states and sent teams to deal with emergencies, especially in the south, where snow is less common.

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