Smiles now let you earn miles when buying fiat money or international transfers

Passageiro de Primeira

a Smiles LAUNCH A PARTNERSHIP WITH Online exchangeAn electronic platform for trading paper money and international remittances that allows its customers to earn miles when buying paper money or remittances abroad.

With the novelty, the program expands the range of opportunities for travelers, said Rodrigo Busato, Business Manager for Smiles. “We want to increase the scope of opportunities in the world of the traveler, so that all the main services of travel with peace of mind are available in one place. Therefore, partnering with Câmbio Online is a strategy and adds a process that is already part of the client’s programming. Best of all, when you go through this process, it accumulates miles”.

How it works

number da smiles website, you can simulate the purchase of foreign currency based on the real value that the customer wants to transfer, and it is even possible to check the number of miles that will be accumulated upon purchase.

  1. Choose between shipping or buying paper money.
  2. Complete your transaction on the Câmbio OnLine platform.
  3. Receive your miles within 15 days to your Smiles account.

There are more than 20 coins in the wallet and the whole process is done online quickly and securely – with effective accumulation within 15 days after confirmation of purchase, see some examples below:

Paper smiles for cash transfers

In addition to buying foreign currencies (dollars, euros, pounds, etc.) with the accumulation of miles, there are more advantages such as sending international remittances in various forms of payment, or coordinating delivery for the delivery of paper money, or an ATM and buying 100% digital on the partner’s site.

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With the acceleration of the search for destinations outside Brazil, this is another possibility for those who want to convert currencies, send international transfers in a practical and secure way, and also earn miles.

What do you think of Grandma? To buy paper money or make international transfers at Smiles click here.

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