Smartwatches with sleep monitoring: Learn how to use them

Smartwatches with sleep monitoring: Learn how to use them

For example, watches alone cannot diagnose sleep-related diseases. This stage of the sleep cycle is called Rapid eye movementwhich is characterized by increased brain activity and vivid dreams, the duration of which can be estimated by a device such as smart watchBut this estimate will not always be correct.

When we humans are asleep Non-rapid eye movementSleep tends to be calmer in terms of behavior, in terms of movement, and in terms of breathing regularity. When you sleep a little restlessly, with an irregular heartbeat, with irregular breathing, with small muscle contractions, this [o dispositivo] You will understand this as REM sleep.

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It may seem simple, but this device evaluation is not as valuable as a polysomnography, which is a specialized medical examination that monitors physiological variables during sleep. Therefore, although it may be an indication that professional help should be sought, the data collected by the device itself cannot lead to a hasty conclusion.

The expert says that although these devices can show more clearly that your sleep follows a normal and expected cycle, no one should fear monitoring that is considered “abnormal.” To complete this, only with professional help.

If you stay still for a long time, for example, the device can “understand” that you are at rest and therefore asleep. Of course, other parameters are used to determine when a person is asleep or not (time or the watch's exposure to light, for example). But, according to the expert, it is important to be careful when interpreting the data.

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Check out the following suggestions for smartwatches that include sleep monitoring:

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