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Postpartum is a stage of complex changes in life and also in a woman’s body. In addition to demanding great care with the newborn, this period also represents drastic hormonal changes in the body that can increase levels of cortisol (the stress hormone).

According to health and wellness experts, Physical activity is one of the greatest allies To help women in this phase of the big changes.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 10% of pregnant women and 13% of women after childbirth suffer from a mental disorder, and Postpartum depression can arrive from 10 to 20% of mothers.

The American Psychiatric Association reports that 8.5% of episodes of postpartum depression develop in early pregnancy.

Physical exercise helps Avoid postpartum depression, reduce stress and contribute to increased mood and energy for activities. Another benefit Abdominal and pelvic strengthening, which will facilitate in combat the sagging of the abdomen and degeneration “explains personal trainer, physical trainer and coach Tawan Gomez.

Pregnant women can also engage in physical activity

Physical activities benefit the body with such intensity that it can even adapt during pregnancy, respecting the individual circumstances of each pregnant woman.

During exercise, beneficial hormones such as serotonin are released and cortisol levels drop.

The specialist takes 4 common questions about physical activity after childbirth. paying off

1. When can physical activity be resumed or started?

“The normal period that doctors refer to is 15 days for normal delivery and 45 to 60 days to a cesarean section,” Tawan Gomez points out.

2. How should the return and intensity of activities be?

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The professional emphasizes that the resumption of physical activities must be step by step and individual According to the picture of each mother after childbirth.

The intensity must be mild to moderateRespecting and adapting the limits of the body.

3. Does the lactation period require special care?

According to the expert, intense or vigorous physical activity while breastfeeding can increase the level of lactic acid in the muscles due to post-workout stress and Bring baby colic.

“For this reason, it is always recommended, regardless of training level, and for reasons of safety, that mothers engage in physical activity after breastfeeding, while emptying their breasts,” warns physical educator Tawan Gomez.

4. What is the ideal time for postpartum physical activities?

According to personal trainer Tawan Gomez, 10 minutes a day of moderate activity is sufficient for completely untrained mothers who did not do any physical activity before pregnancy.

“In addition, the training can be associated with walking or yoga exercises – exercises that help connect and relax the body,” he explains.

Professional indicates that the untrained or stable mother is exercising 10 minutes to 30 minutes a day. Frequency must be 3 to 5 times a week.

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