See 5 “secret” functions of the platform

See 5 “secret” functions of the platform

Amazon Prime Video It is one of the largest live streaming platforms in the world, with an extensive catalog of films, series, reality shows and documentaries.

Despite millions of subscribers, many don't know all the features streaming has to offer and only focus on the basics of navigation.

And believe me: we are talking here about mechanisms that can definitely change the way you see Movies and series! They range from organizing synchronous sessions with friends to customizing recommendation lists.

To improve your experience on Prime Video, check out five tips on the platform's secret features below and definitely improve your experience to make every penny of your subscription worth it.

5 “Secret” Functions in Prime Video

Prime Video is one of the streaming platforms with the largest catalog of movies and series – Image: Reproduction

1. X-rays

The platform contains content imported from IMDb. With X-Ray, you can check details about actors, music and other interesting facts when you pause a video.

This tool is important for those who like to learn more about the production or enjoy discovering things about cinema and other films that each actor has produced.

2. Offline download

If you are planning to take a long trip or go somewhere Without internetKnow that it is possible to guarantee access to Prime Video content offline.

To do this, all you have to do is download what you want to watch in advance, whether it's movies or series episodes, and everything will be available to you at any time. It is important to specify the desired language and image quality.

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3. Train the algorithm and customize your experience

Prime Video offers the option to hide a movie or series you don't care about. This helps, in addition to making it easier to watch other content Algorithm To understand what you like or don't like.

To do this, click on the three dots icon next to each title and select the “Hide” option to clear the recommendations screen. To undo this selection, go to the Settings menu and return Titles to the list.

4. Watch the concert

The platform allows you to create a specific room to watch movies and series with friends and family. The capacity is up to 100 people, who can comment and interact throughout the exhibition.

The experience is great for those who live in different locations and want to connect more closely with people far away.

5. Series your way

For those who are undecided about what to watch and prefer to deal with the platform's surprises, there is a random selection button. He randomly selects episodes from his favorite series.

This feature is currently only available for Android and in pre-selected series. The idea is to give subscribers an air of unpredictability.

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