Rodriguinho can press the button anytime on BBB • DOL

Rodriguinho can press the button anytime on BBB • DOL

Since 2022, the draw button on Big Brother has become a separate character in the most watched house in Brazil. Celebrities and unknowns have already pushed the button, and it looks like another one of them may ask to leave the show in issue 24.

Rodriginho has said several times that he would hit the quit button if he was chosen for the monster's terrifying punishment. Surprisingly, on Friday afternoon (26), Fernanda Angel of the Week chose to put the singer and Giovanna Bettel facing punishment.

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In addition to ensuring immunity for herself and the ability to immunize another participant on Sunday, Fernanda will also receive R$15,000 as part of the prize for winning the Angel Test. Furthermore, Sister Luigi, Rodriguino and Beetle are invited to the angel's lunch.

The dynamics of the race included the participation of only six participants chosen by lottery: Fernanda, Giovanna Bettel, Ionessa Camargo, Lucas Luigi, Raccolo and Mateus. In the first stage, competitors spin the roulette wheel, collecting points based on luck.

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In the second stage, each participant spun the roulette wheel once, with those with the most points advancing. The same process was repeated in the third round of testing, where Fernanda was determined the winner.

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