Second Life creator warns of dangers in the spread of metaverses

A pioneer in building a virtual world game second lifePhilip Rossdale said that building the metaverse is something that needs to be carefully planned so that there are no unintended consequences. In an interview with Time magazine, the founder of the game, Fever in the Not So Distant Past, spoke about the importance of the moderation system to allow harmonious coexistence in the digital environment.

Rossdale highlighted the importance of protecting people by identifying them and ensuring the consequences of actions taken in the metaverse so that they act properly. The problem, he says, lies in the fact that the Internet still lacks a identification system to exercise effective monitoring of online situations and to hold the authors accountable.

Second Life can be considered the “father of metaverses” (Image: clone/Linden Lab)

Another expert who participated in the conversation was the anthropologist and author of the book Reaching the age of majority in the second life, Tom Ballstorf, who believes in the need for a strong framework to prevent people with bad intentions from using the platform to commit crimes or harm others.

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Boellstorff pointed out that the way you second life What resolved around this was the need to pay for a subscription, but this left the ad companies unable to exploit the service effectively. Since one already paid to play, most of them weren’t willing to spend more resources to buy products in the virtual world, which goes in the opposite direction to suggesting the current metaverses.

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. subscription form second life “It’s one of the reasons you don’t have inaccurate information and anti-disinfection materials,” Poelstorf told Time magazine. “None of these metaverses moving forward needs to be a specific, advertising-driven company model,” he said.

Barriers to entry in the metaverse

Another warning Rosedale gave developers is to focus on overcoming barriers to entry into the system. Today, to access the metaverse from the Meta (formerly Facebook social networking site Inc.) to wear virtual reality goggles, although the company has already stated that it intends to integrate them into its existing programs. This will all require expensive hardware and technical requirements that not everyone has, such as fast internet, virtual reality glasses and a computer with good configurations.

Today, Facebook’s previous metaverse will be via virtual reality, although they want to offer other forms in the future (Image: Replay/Meta)

Finally, there’s still another issue to think about: avatars. In the opinion of the creator second life, not everyone may want to present themselves as a caricature, also because this format does not apply to all situations in people’s daily lives.

“If you lived a comfortable life in New York City, and you were young and healthy, you would probably choose to live there. If it presented you with an avatar life, you wouldn’t use it much. On the other hand, if you live in a rural area with little social contact, or If you’re disabled, or live in a bullying environment where you don’t feel comfortable speaking, your selfie can become your primary identity,” Rossdale concluded.

metaverse fears

These alerts from someone who has gone through a similar situation are necessary for the creators of the digital universes to orient themselves. It is not possible to compare the proposal second life With what Meta or other companies are currently suggesting, but surely they both start from very similar places.

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As excitement around metaverses grows, more people in the tech world are starting to make their point about the idea. Former Meta employee Frances Haugen, whistleblower who caused the firing It’s called facebook papers, consider this very disturbing.

Since everything is still very new, there are those who say that the proposal will create a miserable world or will keep people apart, but that kind of feeling should only be remedied when the thing actually reaches people’s homes.

Source: time

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