Sealed copy of Super Mario 64 sells for $1.56 million at auction

Sealed copy of Super Mario 64 sells for $1.56 million at auction

Right after The Legend of Zelda broke records on the NES, now it’s the turn of the charismatic mustachioed plumber.

who tried Games collection You know it’s a very expensive hobby. With the advent of the pandemic and social isolation, the prices of games and other similar forms of entertainment have skyrocketed.

However, one syllable broke two records in a row: after a sealed copy of the legend of zelda, from miscellaneousSold by public auction, on the website Heritage Auctions, to 870,000 USD, also a sealed copy, but of Super Mario 64, was auctioned by $1,560,000 ($1.56 million), somewhere around 8.2 million riyals.

This is the first time a game has sold for millions of dollars. As previously reported, in News the legend of zeldaWith three days left before the ad closes, the value has already crossed $100,000.

Being One of the most famous characters in video gamesThis popularity was met with enthusiasm on the same level. It’s common, over the years, for older games to end in appreciation. It is increasingly difficult to preserve products that were not made with the intent of spending decades in storage.

Previously, prior to these two cases mentioned here, another, more classic version of the adventures of the iconic plumber held the record for the most sold game: Super Mario Bros, 1985, auctioned by 660 thousand dollars In April 2021.

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In case Super Mario 64It was one of the most relevant titles of its generation, being one of the first examples to have fully 3D environments.

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(credits: Heritage Auctions)

The story behind these sales is often bizarre. Regarding the 1986 version of Super Mario Bros. , someone bought the product as a Christmas present that year, but… it fell into the back of the stairs they went astray since then.

When the owner found out about the treasure that had been forgotten inside his house, he announced it on the famous auction site and it ended up selling not only for a very large sum, but also History made.

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It is clear that few people are able to invest that much money in a single product.

The lucky ones who have this condition become part of Select a group of people, all over the world, who can enjoy such a rare and sought-after item – after all, it is not only necessary to “get” a lot of money, but an equally necessary potion of luck, as some competitors competed in these auctions.


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