Scientists urge Britain to speed up vaccination with different arrival

Scientists urge Britain to speed up vaccination with different arrival

Scientists in the UK are urging the government to vaccinate the region with a second dose with the advent of the variant initially identified in India. From June 21, there are fears that restrictions will be relaxed and the situation will get out of hand. Information from the newspaper Defender.

The kappa variant, now identified by the WHO (World Health Organization), has already increased the number of cases, according to UK data. In addition to evidence that strain is highly resistant, British scientists also report greater resistance to vaccines, especially after a single dose.

Over the past week, the UK has increased the moving average of new cases. New infections have increased by 28.8% in the last 7 days Dice British Government.

This increase has been credited to the circulation of variation through different parts of the UK Exhibition Genetic monitoring of the country. Thus, some scientists are already talking about the beginning of the 3rd wave of Govit-19.

A British Medical Association He also asked Prime Minister Boris Johnson to reconsider the release of the circulation, which is scheduled for 3 weeks from now. On the other hand, the government says a slight increase in cases is expected. Young people have returned somewhat to their activities in the UK. But they are not yet public to the immunization campaign.

By June 14, the government is expected to decide what will happen on June 21. Until then, scientists and medical officials are asking to reduce the gap between the 1st and 2nd levels. Without it, scientists say the UK would have to face a 3rd wave.

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Currently, the interval between applying the 2nd dose to a person is about 12 weeks. Scientists are asking for the interval to be changed to 8 weeks. The United Kingdom vaccinated 39.4 million people with the first dose. Of these, the 2nd dose was used for 25.4 million.

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