SC research on pest control in rice is highlighted in the United Kingdom

SC research on pest control in rice is highlighted in the United Kingdom

Weevils can compromise up to 10% of rice stored in pits (Photo: Maria Luisa Tomasi Pereira/Ebagiri)

A scientific institute in the United Kingdom has been recognized for presenting an innovative solution to control pests in rice stored in silos in a study by researchers from Santa Catarina. The work recommends the use of rice oil in traps for weevils, grain-attacking insects, and up to 10% compromise of stored products.

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The research was presented at the 29th meeting of the Brazilian Society of Chemistry, South Region, when it was selected and presented with distinction by the Royal Society of Chemistry, a British organization that promotes chemical science by supporting the publication of scientific journals and books. in the area.

The work, signed by researchers Andrey Martinez Rebelo and Marcelo Mendes Haro from Ebacri and Lizandra Maria Zimmermann from the Regional University of Blumenau (Furb), innovates by providing a harmless product for pest control, i.e. without causing major harm. Side effects.

The study shows that moth control is currently carried out with products that are not expected to be used continuously or irrationally. As such, they can poison workers, contaminate water and food sources, eliminate natural enemies and select for disease-resistant pests, says Ebagri. Because rice oil is not contaminated, these risks did not appear in the researchers’ solution.

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Traps containing rice oil are effective in combating weevil attacks on other grains such as corn and beans, the researchers concluded.

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