SC branch has been invaded by masked thieves

SC branch has been invaded by masked thieves

The headquarters of NSC TV, affiliated with Rede Globo in Santa Catarina, was invaded by masked criminals at dawn today, in Florianopolis.

The suspects entered the building, which also houses the newspapers and radio of the NSC Comunicação group, at around 3 a.m. and seized six televisions used in the company’s newsrooms.

According to Romy De Lees, Head of Communications and Programming at NSC TV, at the time of the event, there were no employees working on the site. The invasion was noticed only in the early morning, when the first professionals arrived to work for the newspaper Bom Día Santa Catarina.

The NSC headquarters have no history of theft, and today’s event is viewed as a one-time case. According to the announcer, it was not possible to determine how the criminals managed to gain access to the building, and it is known that the invasion took place through a side entrance to the building.

Pictures from the station’s inner circle of cameras recorded the event, and as evidenced by records circulating on social media, the attackers wore hats and clown masks.

Also according to the National Security Council, a report of the incident has been registered with the Prime Minister (Military Police) and security reinforcements have already been provided at the company’s facilities.

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