Save Yourself Who Can: Alejandro and Luna will be very close to each other | Come to me around – he comes

Save Yourself Who Can: Alejandro and Luna will be very close to each other |  Come to me around - he comes

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In the store, Alejandro explains his plan to Gabe:

“Can you imagine if Luna’s mother hired me to sing in one of her restaurants? Then I would do anything to gain her trust and find a way to find out if she knew where Luna was,” she says.

Gabi tells Alejandro that she thinks it’s hard for him to gain the confidence of a business woman, because she’d be a cold and arrogant woman. Nevertheless, the musician is optimistic:

He says to his friend, “Let me dream, go …”.

While speaking, Luna comes from the back of the store and passes them towards the canteen, but without seeing them! 😱

Is the meeting of the three close?

Rodrigo Simas and Juliana Paiva are Alejandro and Luna in Salve-se Quem Puder – Photo: João Miguel Junior / Globo

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31 May


Ursula pretends to accept the dating of Teo and Luna / Fiona. Kira marvels at Alan. Alejandro is considering looking for a job at Helena’s store to try to figure out where Luna is. Edo suspects Lucia knows some of Dominic’s secrets. Mario asks Marilyn for help in trying to find Helena. Alexia reads the criticisms that Petra has received for her poor performance in the series. Marilyn comments to Mario that Veronica left the hospital straight to prison. Graziela opens up with Alan and explains regret not handling Alexia properly. Kyra gives Alexia the message Renatenha requested. Alexia, Keira and Luna argue. Ermelinda and Zicinho were surprised to see the condition of the house after the fight between the three.

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