Samsung may announce One UI 4 soon; See what you expect from the new system

Samsung may announce One UI 4 soon;  See what you expect from the new system

a Samsung It continues to work on improving its operating system and offering a better user experience to the company’s customers by adding new features and functionality to One UI, an interface that integrates the brand’s most diverse laptops and is currently in its beta version, indicating a possible launch in the coming months.

In general, each version of the program adds new improvements and features to the company’s devices, including some that were previously released.

One UI is the interface developed by Samsung based on Google’s operating system and implemented on South Korean phones with some modifications and additional features, including design improvements, new tools and other general improvements.

One UI 4.0 is the version based on Android 12 which are currently in beta, including experimental features that may or may not be present in the final version, such as The ability to install icons directly from the Play Store, for example.

The new version should come with more system customization options, where it is possible to customize widgets and icons on the home screen, change the way notifications are received, wallpaper and more, as well as exclusive features aimed at privacy.

According to rumors, user information will receive more attention in One UI 4.0, which should bring new layers of protection and enhanced privacy functionality. One feature that should be there is visualization of the permission history for the last 7 days, further managing this data.

We anticipate that we will also have improvements to the cameras post-processing – which will receive a cleaner and more intuitive layout – and an overall improvement in system performance, which should have upgrades in terms of power consumption, a frequently reported issue by users of the brand.

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The developer has not released much information about the stable version of the system, but rumors suggest that smartphones from the S21 line and the new generation of foldable devices may start receiving the update later this year, but there is no official timeline.

Do you have a Samsung smartphone? Are you looking forward to the arrival of One UI 4.0? Tell us, comment!

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