Samsung is not satisfied with the sales of the S21 and can make changes

Samsung is not satisfied with the sales of the S21 and can make changes

South Korean manufacturer Samsung Conducts a “special evaluation” of the company’s mobile division. Information from the site electricity, who spoke with sources who preferred to remain anonymous.

According to the report, it is normal for the company to review the strategies of each of the giant sectors every four or five years. However, the case of the tablet and smartphone sector is special: the study was supposed to take place only in July of this year, but was expanded until August.

What is happening?

The reasons for the extended appraisal are many and generally involve lower-than-expected sales growth – something that includes the recent drop in sales. Galaxy S21 family performance and component supply problems, which will result not only from the global crisis affecting all manufacturers, but also from partnership problems Media Tech.

Moreover, competition is increasingly fierce in the mobile sector. Chinese competitor Xiaomi Recently overtaken Samsung, even for only one month, which should trigger a state of alert in South Korea.

Another point of concern is the performance that falls short of expectations regarding 5G smartphones. It’s also worth noting that Samsung changed catalog plans, and in 2021, It will not have a representative of the Galaxy Note line. According to the report, the brand has not officially commented on the matter.

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