Samara Filippo says that her eldest daughter went to live with her father in the United States | celebrities

Samara Filippo says that her eldest daughter went to live with her father in the United States |  celebrities
Samara Filippo says her eldest daughter moved to the United StatesReproduction/Instagram

Published on 11/30/2023 at 15:27 | Updated on 30/11/2023 at 15:27


Rio – Samara Filippo, 45, revealed to her followers that her eldest daughter, Alicia, 14, moved to the United States at the beginning of the month to live with her father, basketball player Leandrinho.

In a long text she posted on Instagram, on Thursday the 30th, she says that her TBT today is “emptiness.”

“After a lot of conversation, encouragement, support and dialogue, my teenage daughter decided to step away from the mother hen’s wing for a bit here. And I’m so proud as a mother, because she was so confident in herself when she was 14 years old. Determined to take a path that would change life, routines, customs and language.” And stay away from those you love.”

“But I also know and feel at peace knowing that she is welcomed, loved and well taken care of by those she loves too. And how all of this will bring her growth and stories,” he added.

The actress received many messages from mothers who have already experienced or are afraid that this moment will come in their lives.

Alicia went to live with her father, stepmother, and younger sisters. “At the same time, here I feel this ‘mourning’ that is important for me as a mother and for her. Children are for the world. Today I still feel it a little, because with Alicia gone, Larinha and I support each other,” the empty nest that my mother talked about so much. Because my little boy will leave soon.”

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Samara shared a few moments at the airport before her daughter left, and a video clip recorded at home shortly after her daughter boarded, in which she appeared crying.

“Alicia knew that I would be here full of love, arms and open doors when she wanted to come back. Supporting her in every choice. I love you, my love!!! Fly! I want to see you grow and be free and happy! And you, my mother, who follows me? Have you been through this? Will it pass? Tell me Share with me why it hurts me and nothing is better for me on social media than sharing experiences, sympathy, pain, tears and joy!, he completed.


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