Safadão’s wife, Thyane Dantas, is being investigated after an unscheduled vaccination

Posted 7/9/2021 5:50 PM / Updated 7/9/2021 5:57 PM

(Credit: Thyciane Dantas/Instagram/Reproduction)

Thyane Dantas, wife of singer Wesley Safadão, is under investigation by the Municipal Health Department (SMS) in Fortaleza, Ceará, for being a covid-19 vaccine without an appointment. to me yul, the influencer received an immunizing agent in the northeastern city and the couple’s counselors informed the dose was ‘xepa’.

“SMS has started an administrative process to investigate the application of a vaccine against covid-19 in Thyane Dantas this Thursday (07/08). After the investigation is completed, the process will be referred to the regulators,” a note about the site indicated.

The Secretariat also reported that it is strengthening strategies so that doses are fully used in the city: “In occasional cases of residual doses in bottles, after the full completion of activities, immunization teams actively search for people belonging to the current target audience, always giving priority to the elderly.”

At 30, Thean also does not meet the city’s minimum vaccination age, which is currently 32. The influencer shared this moment on Instagram stories: “I shook hands with him but everything was fine,” she joked when she showed the recordings in which she appeared accompanied by her husband, who also received an immunization factor, but meets the minimum age.

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