Russia responds to Biden and claims that the United States benefits from wars: ‘Just business’ | world

Russia responds to Biden and claims that the United States benefits from wars: ‘Just business’ |  world

A montage placing US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin side by side – Photo: Agence France-Presse

Russia responded to a comment by US President Joe Biden in which he described support for Ukraine and Israel as an “investment.” A Russian government spokeswoman said on Friday (20) that Biden’s speech shows that Washington is benefiting from “proxy wars” rather than “battles for ideas.”

Biden’s comment came during a speech he delivered on Thursday (19), in which the US President announced his intention to approve an aid package for Ukraine and Israel.

In his speech to Americans, the Democrat said that helping the two US allies was “a smart investment that will pay dividends for American security for generations” as he sought to garner support for new aid packages.

Biden also passionately compared Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying they both want to “eliminate democracies” in neighboring countries.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented on Biden’s statement on a social media site, citing American “sarcasm.”

“They used to call this the ‘struggle for freedom and democracy,’” she added.

He added, “Now it turns out that they were just calculations. It was always this way. They deceived the world by using values ​​​​that Washington never defended.”

Zakharova even used a famous phrase from the movie “The Godfather” to refer to the US position in foreign conflicts: “Nothing personal, just business.”

“Wars have traditionally been ‘smart investments’ for the United States because they do not occur on American soil and do not care about the costs to others,” Zakharova said.

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