Rui Morera: “The UK triggers external risks, when there is the greatest risk” Internal

Rui Morera: "The UK triggers external risks, when there is the greatest risk" Internal

TVI 24 commentator Rui Morera admits he was not surprised by the UK decision to remove Portugal from the green list of safest countries to travel to.

“What happened in the United Kingdom was that the epidemic situation suddenly worsened with a 40% increase in the number of Govt-19 cases in a week’s time,” underscores the mayor of Porto. This “blows the country into unknown numbers since March” and led to the reaction of conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who Rui Morera calls the “generally English approach,” which means “evil comes from the outside”.

“While the biggest risk is in the UK, the UK triggers external risks.”

Rui Morera considers this to be “another defensive position on what failure is in the British struggle against the plague.”

There is a recession in English distrust and Portugal ended up with wide beans “, He says, were the only two European countries on the UK green list: Portugal and Iceland.

Therefore, Rui Morera believes that this decision was “made for reasons more favorable to English than what is happening in Portugal” and argues that neither the Prime Minister nor the Foreign Minister can prevent this. “The British do not care about Portuguese diplomacy

Celebrate Porto Sao Jono?

In his weekly commentary on TVI24, Rui Morera also addressed the controversy surrounding the festivals of famous saints in Porto.

The mayor explains that what is happening in the city is not comparable to the regular celebrations of famous saints: “City Council does not promote fireworks, concerts or dances”, Confirms.

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However, about two-and-a-half months ago, recreational associations asked for permission to hold certain events in the city, which were allowed on the condition that they have a safety plan approved by the Directorate of Public Health.

Once the DGS was approved, the municipal administrator made three seats available in the city and offered support of 200 thousand euros – which was unanimously approved.

The event is already underway and will last throughout June. According to Rui Morera, the intervals operate “from 12 to 22.30, completely quiet” and comply with all the rules: the intervals are sealed, alcohol gel, temperature measurement, maximum efficiency, use of masks, frequent cleaning.

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