Rodrygo fears that his sermons will be rejected by the participants

Rodrygo fears that his sermons will be rejected by the participants

After the discord game “BBB 22” (TV Globo) Brothers Natalia and Rodrygo meet at their home gym and begin to share some thoughts on confinement.

The brother says he feels bad with some of his lines being received in reality. “They say asking for something is tiring. For example, I asked Douglas once and he got it wrong,” the brother recalled about the time he spoke to a ‘City of God’ representative to ask Use of the terms Negro, Pardo and mulatto.

After hearing the participant’s complaint, Natalia thought. “You didn’t have to ask the general manager that. You had to ask the right people.”

In another example, Rodrigo said that during Conversational wheel in the early morning of the dayHe and Lin expressed the same opinion about friendships within the game. But he indicated that the singer’s speech was well received by the participants, while it was refuted.

“Maybe her way of speaking is better than mine, but when I speak, everyone responds,” he said.

He continued: “It is not possible that they do not see that we want to play, while there are people in the house who do not want to stand up or be disturbed. And when he came out of the vote, everyone apologized for that. Whoever voted. For example, Lynn was perfect when I said ‘I adore you’. ‘I’m sorry for abandoning you’ while I’m getting paranoid.”

Finally, Rodrygo lamented his difficulties in confinement and thought the experience would be different. “There are times when you feel like you are not in the environment that you want to be. For the first few days I thought I was living a dream, but I am not. I feel like I am not in an environment that I wanted to be in… The situation is very difficult here.”

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