Luan Santana appears with partner and confesses after gay rumor

Luan Santana aparece agarrado com parceiro e confessa após rumor gay (Foto: Reprodução)

famous country singer, Luan Santana It’s back to be among the most talked about topics right now in recent weeks. Those who follow the musician know that he’s always been sharing everything with his fans, but things were a little different now. This is because the musician drew attention after the alleged gay rumor began to spread.

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With millions of followers on social media, the composer always finds a little time in his schedule to leave some private records. This Saturday (14) for example, the singer appeared with his senior partner.

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Discreet, Luan Santana shared photos of him embracing his pet dog. In the caption to the post, the famous singer showed how passionate he was about the animal and showed all the affection for the pet.

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Celebrity country singer Luan Santana shared a photo with his partner (Image: clone)

“It’s been a while since CEIS saw the monster.. oh my size 😰🥰😍 #SKY rompiendo,” he wrote in the caption to the click. As you can imagine, fans were ecstatic with the photo and savored in the comments.

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It is also worth noting that the Instagram profile of Galo Intruso recently shared a note revealing that the music star had been in love with singer Lucas Lucco some time ago. According to the gossip file, the artists maintained a “colorful friendship.”

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However, Page highlighted that the intimacy turned into a four-year relationship. While this has been buzzing on the internet for months, neither of them have talked about it.

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