Rodrygo and Anna remember their past and kiss them

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Chapters coming from Our lifeAnd the Rodrygo (Raphael Cardoso) can no longer hide how he feels. Familiar with the physiotherapy schedule for I (Fernanda Vasconcelos), the engineer decided to follow her to talk about her feelings.

What is going on with us? Do you name anything that happened at home?He asks, remembering the moment the two nearly kissed.

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“I’m still coping, I haven’t got there yet. It might sound crazy, but it feels like a month or two has passed since I saw you. We can’t do it, you have no right.”He responded to the tennis player, denying how she felt. Dissatisfied Rodrygo recalls that it was because of her that the relationship between the two had not worked out in the past.

“You don’t have the right to run like this. It was because you were afraid things would happen this way. If you hadn’t left without saying a word to me … you didn’t even give me a chance to fight for both of us. You never want to apologize.Father argues Julia (Jiswella Morrow).

After a few minutes of talking, the two started crying and a sister Manu (Marjorie Estiano) console him. “You’re alive Anna, no matter how unwilling you are to it and how we feel about each other too, ” Guarantees, kisses his sweetheart.

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