Julianna Didon argues and irritates the judges at Super Dance of the Views

Juliana Didon I decided to dare to perform in Super celebrity danceGive Globe, In this Sunday (25), and sparked a great debate about tradition and modernity. The actress ended up being criticized by the judges.

The celebrity played the Paso Double Rhythm and won thirteen seconds from the artistic jury. However, the artistic jury was heavily criticized for reinterpreting the rhythm. Dancer Claudia Motta started talking about the presentation.

“I think like this: poetic license is always welcome, especially when rhythms are more popular, more free. This is not the case with Paso Double. We need to preserve the culture and traditions of each rhythm (…) I thought it is very beautiful, but I need To respect the culture, so it is 9.7“, Launched.

Carlinhos de Jesus followed the same line and praised the letter, but he also hoped for the freedom the two took to break with tradition.

“We’re about to judge a technical issue. I think it would have been cool if you reversed the roles and it didn’t happen. There were two men in a dance where there’s a zigzag movement of the woman. He didn’t complete the technical and cultural issue of the Passo Double”, announced.

Criticism was directed at the fact that the artist wore pants and a jacket and not a skirt, which is the classic costume of the Spanish type of origin.

Behind the scenes of the reality show, Juliana Didon stated: “We already knew it was all or nothing. We asked before: Is that? Is it worth it?’. But we decided that, yeah, it was worth it, even if we took a “zero” because we wanted to tell this story, talk about it, you know? “.

Professor Igor Maximilano said: “There might be women standing up and saying, ‘Wow, I can be a bullfighter, I can be somewhere else I never imagined! I think that’s the message we wanted to give.”

Luis Fabio AlmeidaLuis Fabio Almeida

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