Rodriguinho plays rich role on BBB, but 'asked' Thiaguinho to pay rent · TV News

Rodriguinho plays rich role on BBB, but 'asked' Thiaguinho to pay rent · TV News

Limited to BBB 24, Rodriguinho focuses on highlighting his distinguished financial life. The singer has stated several times that he is not concerned about anyone's opinion, because he has “money in his pocket.” Although he insisted on his speech, he faced a crisis before entering the reality show and needed Thiagoinho's help to pay the rent.

The loan was revealed during the artist's interview with broadcaster Joel Gutta, on the Gutta Gutta podcast. The conversation was broadcast on October 25, 2022, but has now gone viral on social media precisely because of El Bagodero's speeches within the Globo program.

While speaking about the topic, the singer explained that he had not faced any financial problems until a certain point in his life. Everything changed when he lost his hand and started spending without restrictions.

I wasn't from a poor family, my parents worked a lot. I studied in a private school. I didn't realize it until I lost everything. I've broken it several times. The level of my mother-in-law giving us money to eat, and the level of Thiagoinho paying my rent.

“It was at a level where the police stopped me and wanted to take my car because the document had expired. A level of mockery. If I hadn't been Rodriginho, I wouldn't have achieved much. I knew I was broke. I lived.” He added: “Without tomorrow, I was always crazy, I spent a lot, I always liked expensive things, and I didn't have money, but I bought them.”

Life won

During BBB 24, Rodriginho stated several times that he was not interested in money or awards. He stated, for example, that he would not make any effort to obtain a car, since he had already been released from prison.

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“It's very simple: Why don't I kill myself to get a car? Because I have a car, damn it! Are you going to kill yourself to get this, Jasmine? Obviously it's good to have two or three.” [carros]. But are you going to kill yourself? Those who kill themselves are those who do not have it, those who want to have the first. “It's not security, it's just you have to understand it,” he said during a conversation with Giovanna Bittel.

In another conversation with the social worker, Albagodero also mentioned that he doesn't mind being called “uneducated” for sitting during the presentations of artists invited to the reality show's parties.

“When I love him, when he is my friend, I still go there to honor him…” the brother said. “You had to do this [acompanhar a apresentação]Because if you're there and everyone's sitting, you won't like it. Continue your life together,” the sister continued. “I don't care. My money's in my pocket.”“Rodrigueño said jokingly.

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