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Maria Lina e Whindersson Nunes

Maria Lena and Wenderson NunesReproduction / Editing

Posted on 08/21/2021 06:00 | Updated on 08/21/2021 09:21 AM

Despite the news of the breakup, it appears that Whindersson Nunes and Maria Lina Deggan are not far from each other. The column, who has friends in the four corners of the country, learned that they had lived together since November last year, and were still in São Paulo. Therefore, fans ended up noticing some similarities in the scenarios of the photos posted on social networks. “He gave this strength to Maria Lina because he saw that she had already shown an interest in staying in São Paulo and establishing herself as an influencer. I think wanting to help her settle down is, for that, you know?” Their son, Joao Miguel, was born 22 weeks premature on May 29, and he couldn’t resist.

Maria Lina even posted a story saying she lives with the team she shared with Wenderson in Sao Paulo. From time to time, a YouTube user appears there.

As for Maria Lena’s relationship with the family of her ex-fiancé, she emphasized that she was calm and cited, for example, her friendship with her ex-sister-in-law, Hajda Keroline. The tone changed just a bit when she spoke of Luisa Sonza, who announced the end of her relationship with singer Vitau – who we’ve been balling since last week – this Friday (19). “He’s nervous that she’s painted Whind as the villain for the past few months, but at the same time, she hinted in her new song that if she did, she would,” he finished, leaving a question mark in the air.

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