Robert Downey Jr. explains why he left Marvel for DC

Robert Downey Jr. explains why he left Marvel for DC

In addition to offering an epic ending to the MCU Infinity Saga, Avengers: Endgame showed the deaths of some of the most famous heroes and villains marvel. Fans have said goodbye to the characters who have inhabited the company’s movies for a decade – like Iron Man.

After terminating his contract with marvelAnd the Robert Downey Jr.. He starred in the terrible movie Dolittle – which was considered one of the worst “sins” of his career. Now, the actor is dedicated to producing a series of Netflix.

It continues after the announcement

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Around Sweet tooth, A television production based on the acclaimed HQ by Vertigo, a company that is part of the property Capital.

See below all about the plot of the series and what the Iron Man star had to say about the project!

Sweet tooth It is set in a post-apocalyptic future marked by biological changes.

In the plot, mankind is almost destroyed by a terrible virus (does it sound familiar?), Which begins to transmit at the same time as hybrids of humans and animals begin to appear all over the world

The story is directed by Jos, a shy, naive half-human, half-deer boy who lives in the Nebraska woods with his sick and unstable father.

When his father finally succumbs to disease, Gus is completely alone in the world, almost kidnapped by a group of dangerous humans – until he is rescued by the mysterious wanderer Jepperd.

In a recent video released by NetflixAnd the Robert Downey Jr.. I talked about producing Sweet tooth, From comics Capital On screens Netflix. In the interview, the actor appears accompanied by his wife Susan Downey, who also works as an executive producer of the project.

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Sweet tooth It is based on the acclaimed headquarters established by Jeff Lemire, W. Netflix It has everything to preserve the original style, and at the same time make interesting changes to the story.

“We heard about this great comedian, who had an incredible emotional depth,” he says marvel in the video Netflix.

Robert Downey Jr.. Susan Downey also spoke about the changes between the headquarters of Capital And chain Netflix.

“The original comics were a little more mysterious, a little more sinister,” he commented. Robert Downey Jr..

Susan Downey explained that the production of Netflix It will be a little lighter than your original story.

“We felt we could use the HQ themes and turn everything into a more fun place,” Susan said.

The celebrity couple also revealed that they were actually available to get to the first episodes of the production – and they loved the outcome.

The producer commented, “I hope everyone gets the experience we have, watching this series with kids, together on the sofa.”

Cast Sweet tooth Figures from Christian Convery, Nonsu Anuzzi, Adeel Akhtar, Alisa Villani, Stephania Lavie Owen, Dania Ramirez, Neal Sandylands, Will Forte, and James Brolin.

The first season of Sweet tooth It will contain 8 episodes and will air for the first time Netflix On the fourth of June. Check out the video Robert Downey Jr.. For the platform!

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