March 2, 2021

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Rio is being prosecuted for killing the largest pedophile in the United Kingdom “so he will feel like a victim” – Brenza Libre

The victims were serving 22 life sentences for child rape. (Note photo – YouTube capture)

Richard Huckle, the UK’s greatest pedophile, was brutally murdered and raped by his cellmate Paul Fitzgerald, he admitted. “So he will feel like a victim.”

According to the site ABC International, Huckle was serving 22 life sentences For sexually abusing about 191 children.

According to the reference, Fitzgerald was also in prison For raping a woman.

A third prisoner saw Fitzgerald on Huckle, who lay on the ground in a pool of blood He tied his hands and feet and immediately alerted the guards.

When the agents arrived they realized it was a pedophile He was stabbed several times with an object made of toothbrush A screw on one end of the fuse. A stalk was wrapped around its neck.

“I think I killed him,” Fitzgerald told them. Who must be forcibly removed from the cell.

The autopsy also revealed the presence of a pedophile A pen up to a nose to pierce his brain And was sexually assaulted with an object 10 centimeters long.

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Fitzgerald told his doctor after the crime that he wanted to kill someone to “eat him” He told her he had a good time with the victim.

“He was a man who raped and abused children for fun. Maybe he killed them too, But I hope he did not enjoy what I did to him, ”he later admitted to the same doctor.

“I see my actions as poetic justice,” Fitzgerald said. Who is now facing a murder trial.

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Pedophile Huckle committed his crimes When he worked as a volunteer in various orphanages.

He shared photos of the crimes he committed on social media and it was discovered He was writing “The Guide to Pedophiles.” Dozens of pages.