Riku reveals he took a ‘bribe’ from production not to give up on A Fazenda

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Published 11/28/2021 8:34 PM

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Last Saturday (27/11), during a conversation with other walkers from A Fazenda 13, on Record TV, Rico Melquiades made a confession about behind the scenes of the show. The influencer revealed that he took some kind of “bribe” from the production not to give up on reality.

The gift was a picture of his family. “They sent you know why? Because I was breaking everything, I broke coffee and I wanted to give up,” Alagoas said in a conversation with Mileide Mihaile.

The influencer also stated that he was sure he got the photo so he wouldn’t give up on reality. The gift was presented to him after one of the strongest fights on the reality show, in which he participated. On August 8th, the mood is high on the show by Adrien Galisto. After Rico Melquiades throws the Headquarters café away, Dinho Alves rebelled and nearly beat his fellow prisoner. He shouted “Your p**on c*” or MC Mirella’s husband at the time. Other passersby had to stop the confusion.

So he’s not giving up, the comedian speculated, “let’s fool him with a picture, so he can stay there, break things, create content and scrap it there.”

a Rico’s confession echoed on social media And Alagoas fans were pleased with the show’s production stand. In addition, the hashtag “Rico Fica Bem” is among the most talked about topics on Twitter.

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Fans and people who love the influencer are concerned about their mental health on Record TV’s reality show.

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