Rico Melquiades reveals his new appearance after plastic surgery

Rico Melquiades reveals his new appearance after plastic surgery

Photo: X/Record TV / Pipoca Moderna

Rico Melquíades, winner of the 13th edition of the “A Fazenda” program, revealed to the audience the results of the various surgical interventions he performed on his face, during his participation in the “Domingo Espetacular” program, on Record TV. This revelation comes after a week in which the influencer expressed his discontent on social media at the criticism he was receiving over his aesthetic changes – where his face was hidden with gauze.

Rico, who is still recovering, said his face was swollen. Moreover, complete recovery, especially of the nose, will take about a year. However, satisfaction with the changes prevails. He said in statements to the Domingo Espetacular channel: “I am happy, happy with the result.”

After paying more than R$50,000, Rico underwent a series of procedures that included modifications to the mouth, nose and eyes, as well as facial thinning. He described: “My look was sad,” explaining one of the reasons that prompted him to undergo surgery.

Self-image and the Internet

Self-image has always been a topic of contemplation for Rico, who is tired of being called ugly, and is considering giving up social media. He said: “I was never pretty, I was never pretty, but I didn’t care about people’s opinions. I actually thought about taking a break from the Internet.”

He reinforced the shock by posting the first official photo of his new face on Instagram. “It’s finally here! After spending years being called ugly on the internet, I’ve given up on plastic surgery on my face and I’m going to show you the results now! I thank God, Dr. Mariana Felinto, and you for supporting me!”, Rich wrote in the caption.

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